Roundtable - 29 May 2018

Seattle, Washington

Positioning Washington State in the Emerging Space Frontier

This roundtable at the University of Washington brought together experts in space policy, government, industry, military, and academia to raise awareness and build foundational knowledge of Washington State in line with the research and policy outreach themes of the Emerging Frontiers project funded by the CGP. It invited perspectives, encouraged dialogue, and fostered connections among space stakeholders, placing local developments in international context. The roundtable

  • Discussed how to strengthen and position Washington State as a global hub for space innovation and leadership in space policy, focusing on workforce development

  • Explored the role of space as a means to enhance STEM, business, law, and policy pipelines in the Washington State educational system

  • Generated shared understandings on how stakeholders can leverage relationships among the emerging space industry, academic institutions, and international policy community