Workshop - 5 July 2017

Tokyo, Japan

Frontiers in Space Security: Mapping Newspace Strategies for Japan and the United States

From 5 July to 7 July 2017, Saadia M. Pekkanen convened the Emerging Frontiers Meeting 1 in Tokyo, Japan at the Center for Space Law, Graduate School of Law, Keio University. This was carried out in collaboration with Setsuko Aoki (project partner and coauthor, Japan), Hiroshi Yamakawa (project coauthor, Japan), and John Mittleman (project coauthor, United States). The core research team devised its research and publication strategy, focusing on small satellites and Maritime Domain Awareness (MDA) for Year 1. Although the workshop was closed, the team was also able to solicit preliminary input and feedback from Tokyo-area members of the U.S.-Japan Space Forum, and other key U.S. and Japan space stakeholders.